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 pmma_tubes - plasting srl
PMMA Tubes. Cast Acrylic Tubes. PMMA, Cast. External Diameter from 40mm to 610mm Length various lengths Color transparent / clear Note: On request: opal, colored, fluorescent, metallic tubes; cut to size Further information: See also the price list for details. See also technical notes. Clean Sky® R-cast Tubes. r-MMA, 100% recycled, Cast ...

 pmma tube - ninge-plastic
The PMMA tubes stand for Poly Methyl MethAcrylate, and it is also known as acrylic or acrylic glass. In the business world, or trade language PMMA tube is known as; Plexiglas, Lucite, Crylux, Acrylite, and Perspex among several others. The PMMA tube is generally considered one of the clearest plastics in the market.

 pmma / acrylic tubes
PMMA tubes are reasonable UV stable and weatherproof but are not designed for long-term outdoor applications. They will yellow if they are outside for a long period. High-quality, design-orientated applications within the architectural lighting industry can be easily created with our Acrylic tubes.

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 pmma tube - ninge-plastic
Our PMMA tubes can be used as the best and cost-effective alternative to transparent glass. Our methyl methacrylate is widely used in the making of commercial aquariums due to its thickness and clarity. One of the most common applications of PMMA tubes can be found in interior decorations used as an alternative to glass and acrylic plastic sheets.

 pmma tubes
PMMA TUBES. PTH is specialized in the production of PMMA Tubes. Acrylic Tubes are suitable to create a diffused light effect with the presence of an internal lighting. Plexiglass Tubes fit particularly for the Lighting and LED industry applications. PROPERTY :

 pmma_tubi - plasting srl
Vedi le note tecniche. Tubi Acrilici Estrusi Opal - da illuminazione. PMMA, XT. Diametro esterno. da 20mm a 250mm. Lunghezza. 2000mm e 2050mm. Nota: a richiesta: tagli a misura, altri diametri ed altre lunghezze.

 bykski pmma tube (14mm) - aquatuning
The solid tubes made of acrylic plastic can be cut to the required length and bent into the desired shape with the help of a heat source, such as a heat gun. In doing so, they already have a pre-bent 90° bend. The tube measures a 50 x 20 cm and has an outer diameter of 14mm and an inner diameter of 10mm. Technical Data: Material: PMMA; Color ...

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