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 polycarbonate tubing | mcmaster-carr
Choose from our selection of polycarbonate tubing, including over 50 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

 polycarbonite tubing | polymer plastics company, lc
Polycarbonate Tubing. What is Polycarbonate Tubing? Polycarbonate provides the design engineer a combination of characteristics which include outstanding impact strength, good dimensional stability, rigidity and optical clarity.Polycarbonate is an excellent choice in harsh environmental applications. Additional benefits include: high tensile strength, chemical resistance, and its' self ...

 polycarbonate tubing manufacturers suppliers
Polycarbonate tubing in particular is great for architectural purposes as well as in automotive and aerospace manufacturing. While these tubes are outstandingly durable, they are susceptible to scratching and abrasion. However, this small problem is easily overcome by applying a hard coating to the surface of the tubing.

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 polycarbonate tubing | u.s. plastic corp.
Polycarbonate tubing is perfect for applications, including sight glasses, medical devices, electronics packaging, LED tubing, flow lines, and more. It can be machined, drilled, cut, and sawed, and is quickly joined with solvents or adhesives.

 polycarbonate tubing | genplex custom plastic extrusions
Polycarbonate tubing may be extruded in various grades and formulations of materials to meet regulatory requirements for custom applications. Our polycarbonate tubing may be produced with FDA-approved grades, flame retardant grades to meet UL requirements, and with UV stabilizers for outdoor applications.

 polycarbonate tube - polycarbonate tubing - order online
Polycarbonate Tubing - Extruded Polycarbonate Tubes offer the clarity of glass and the impact resistance of metal. Polycarbonate tubes provides extraordinary design and fabrication opportunities. Made from FDA-approved materials, that are UL rated, and provide superior clarity.

 polycarbonate stock tubing - square polycarbonate tubing
Petro Polycarbonate Tubing Available from Stock. Petro now offers FDA Grade Polycarbonate tubing available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery. Our clear polycarbonate tubing is high quality, impact-resistant, and well suited for a variety of applications where clarity and strength are critical.

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